Countertops and stainless steel Bar
Stainless steel countertops are functional, and very easy to clean. In addition no other material can compete with the hygiene it offers.



Publicity and Promotional Stand
Our temporary easy to set up and transport promotional stands are exclusive and very easy to carry. Because of their unique structure they can be easily reconfigured. Industrially designed and durable they are perfect to meet your exhibit needs and business success for all types of shows and events.



Mat Precision also manufactures custom home furniture and decor elements. For residential or commercial applications, we offer you functionality and creativity to suit your own requirements.



Balcony and Stair
Mat Precision has the know how to work with wood, steel, wrought iron or Fiberglas for building and renovating your balcony and stair with effectiveness, durability and space maximisation.



Mat Precision offers our sub-contractor services to businesses and engineers for all kind of projects. We do also offer a welder-fitter team for full time or part time jobs at a very competitive rate.

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